Client Services

The Alliance members work with businesses and organizations of all kinds around the world.


Clients and firms may use the Alliance’s flexible, accurate and intuitive search tool to find a firm in a specific location or region. Information on each firm is updated regularly with details, contact names, addresses and the kind of services each member firm offers. Plus, you can tailor your search to find a match by field of service​.


The members of the Alliance are composed of teams that have developed extensive experience in carrying out complex cross-border transactions and projects in critical sectors of legal practice such as:


       Mergers and Acquisitions and Corporate Restructuring

The Alliance’s law firms have a strong expertise and reputation in assisting their clients in transactions notably consisting of acquisitions, restructuring, equity capital, mergers and creation of joint ventures, in a national context as well as within the framework of international transactions.

The Alliance members assist a variety of clients, such as corporations, banks, creditors’ committees, hedge funds, insurance companies and other financial institutions facing cross-border restructurings, multinational insolvencies and workouts, in the need of assistance in the implementation of strategies for distressed investors to obtain control of troubled companies, the organization of offensive or defensive strategies in the framework of liquidation/bankruptcy, in proceedings pre-package and pre-arranged plans of reorganization.


                 Banking, Finance and Insurance

By virtue of highly specialized teams, the members of the Alliance are able to assist clients notably with respect to industrial and real estate financing projects, the conception and implementation of prevention tools, risk analysis and implementation of strategies in case of liability related to financial credits and investments, legal audits and drafting of contracts.

The members of the Alliance also assist clients in the framework of structured or specialized financing transactions, in the completion of financing, security and loan documentation and in closing transactions.

MARCALLIANCE members’ insurance practice offers extensive experience in a wide range of domestic and international insurance and reinsurance transactions, as well as related regulatory matters.

The Alliance’s lawyers assist clients, as counselors and litigators, notably in the framework of traditional corporate and financing transactions for the insurance industry, such as mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, corporate reorganizations (including demutualizations and mutual holding company conversions), formation and capitalization of new insurance companies, public and private debt and equity financings, and complex insurance company investment transactions.



The Alliance includes highly qualified professionals specialized in tax law, notably in local and international taxation of companies and taxation of their affiliates, taxation of financial products, real estate and estate taxation, tax audits and tax litigation.


Labor Law

MARCALLIANCE’s teams assist clients facing labor law issues by providing advice, judicial pre-litigation and litigation services, including, in the framework of staff restructuring, individual and collective labor relationships, specific situations (senior employees, company officers, expatriates, etc.), saving plans, employment-related criminal law.


          Intellectual property, Technology, Media & Communication

The Alliance members offer industrial and service companies willing to protect their inventions and creations practically-applied IP knowledge and expertise, as well as a deep understanding of the challenges involved with conducting a national and/or international business in a constantly evolving technological environment.

MARCALLIANCE’s IP lawyers assist clients, as counselors and litigators, notably in negotiating and drafting service and outsourcing contracts, implementing IP strategies, in the framework of counterfeiting and unfair competition issues, audits of IP agreements (transfer, license…) and by providing advice relating to personal data.

MARCALLIANCE lawyers handle counseling, litigation and regulatory work for book, magazine and newspaper publishers, broadcasters, satellite carriers, cable programming networks, wireless and  personal communications service companies and mobile satellite service providers in all areas of law affecting their businesses.

The Alliance’s specialists handle cases involving libel, privacy, copyright, theft of ideas and trademarks. They also assist emerging telecommunications companies in the telephony industry, wireless companies, service providers, telecommunications partners, equipment manufacturers, and large users of communications services in a broad range of Internet and computer issues, in merger and acquisition transactions, licensing proceedings, intercarrier agreements, legislative and regulatory policy issues and other matters affecting media and telecom companies.


Real Estate and Construction

MARCALLIANCE’s teams represent a variety of entities facing real estate and construction issues, such as real estate developers, companies in the building and the hotel business sectors, landholding banks and insurance groups, family offices, property managers, real estate agents and social housing institutions.

MARCALLIANCE lawyers act as counselors for various operations in the real estate sector, real estate development projects, asset financing and purchase of real estate debts. They also provide advice in the conception and implementation of real estate management strategies. They assist clients in the negotiation and drafting of contracts (transfer of shares of real estate companies, partial asset transfer, leases, project management, etc.) and litigation related.

MARCALLIANCE specialists also intervene, as counselors and litigators, in the framework of engineering, procurement and construction projects from bid documents to financing, financial support arrangements, concession contracts, joint ventures, construction contracts, technology supply and license agreements, technical service agreements, project management agreements, operational management agreements, contract administration.


       Litigation & Dispute Resolution

The Alliance includes professionals with first class expertise and reputation with respect to dispute resolution, including arbitration and litigation, in many areas of law, such as national and international private law, corporate, insurance, finance and capital markets, competition, distribution and IP law.

They support clients notably by providing strategic advice on commercial law disputes as well as representation in complex legal disputes. Litigation includes structured management of proceedings. In the area of arbitration, MARCALLIANCE members provide advice pursuant to the rules of all material institutional arbitration organizations; some individuals also act as arbitrators.


Public Law

From the private sector standpoint, the Alliance is aware that dealing with administrative authorities and national and international governmental entities is unavoidable in business life. Understanding how dealing with public law entities may be different from dealing with private entities and the impact of regulation is essential. Advising on both transactions and litigation, MARCALLIANCE’s public law teams cover all main aspects of public law including, public procurements (assistance in the framework of public tenders), contract drafting, and expropriation.

The clients of the Alliance also include public authorities and regulatory bodies that MARCALLIANCE members notably assist on a variety of issues, such as public service, public domain, zoning and on the implementation of their powers as well as with drafting and interpreting legislation.


          Antitrust/ Competition/ Distribution

This field of practice encompasses, from a commercial standpoint, all legal issues generated by supplier/distributor relationships, by relationships between competitors and by the distributor/consumer relationships. In this respect, MARCALLIANCE includes business-driven and practical-minded lawyers specialized in competition law, merger control, distribution law and consumption law and that are also able to handle ancillary IP, labor law and tax law issues or work with the teams fully dedicated to those branches of law.

MARCALLIANCE’s competition and distribution law teams support clients in their national and international development, the elaboration of their commercial strategy, the implementation of their distribution networks, the outsourcing of sales forces and merchandising. MARCALLIANCE lawyers also assist them when facing restrictive commercial practices and unfair competition. They also provide advice regarding merger control, antitrust compliance, antitrust risk assessment and prevention; and in the framework of investigations and proceedings launched by antitrust enforcers.

The Alliance’s specialists also act as litigators, before national courts, EU and international authorities, as well as in the framework of arbitration and mediation proceedings.


White Collar Crime

In a context of increasing white collar crime regulation and enforcement, criminal and regulatory investigations and prosecutions can have a devastating impact on a company, its officers, directors, employees and shareholders. Specialized knowledge and experience in advising and defending clients on criminal, anti-corruption and related-regulatory matters is therefore essential.

MARCALLIANCE members have a strong white collar crime defense practice notably regarding concealment, deception, misrepresentation or false statement, committed by professionals and other people in “white collar” industries, such as healthcare, banking, investment, accounting and insurance.

The Alliance lawyers may also be hired upstream to conduct internal investigations, develop anti-corruption compliance programs, review contract terms with foreign agents and joint venture partners, and conduct bribery and corruption due diligence during transactions.