Governance & How to join us


MARCALLIANCE, which is an alliance of international law firms, has a legal personality and is a non-profit legal entity with limited liability. It was launched in July 2013 and has two founding members located in Spain (MAZARS & ASOCIADOS, ABOGADOS Y ASESORES FISCALES ) and in France (CARBONNIER LAMAZE RASLE & ASSOCIES ).

MARCALLIANCE has a simple and cohesive management structure, ensuring full transparency among the Alliance’s members. It works effectively and efficiently:

  1.  Annually, MARCALLIANCE holds at least one General Meeting per year, where all member firms vote on and approve standard matters, including budgets and elections of the Management Board.The decision on whether to admit new Participants, the establishment of the strategy of the Alliance plus many other duties, rests with the Management Board, which directs and manages the Alliance’s activities. The Management Board is elected by and from the General Meeting.
  2. MARCALLIANCE has a Membership Committee, which scrutinizes membership applications and makes recommendations to the Management Board. Membership Committee appointments are made by the Chair, with Management Board approval.

MARCALLIANCE AISBL is registered in Belgium and its Articles are governed by the provisions of title III of the Belgian law of 27 June 1921 on non-for-profit entities (Belgium registered number 0537262808). The registered office of MARCALLIANCE is Levels 20 & 21, Bastion Tower, 5 Place du Champ de Mars, B-1050 Brussels, Belgium.


Chair of the Management Board: MAZARS & ASOCIADOS, ABOGADOS Y ASESORES FISCALES, represented by Antonio BOVER

Antonio BOVER is a lawyer and the managing partner of MAZARS & ASOCIADOS, ABOGADOS Y ASESORES FISCALES since 2003. Antonio is a member of the Bar Association in Barcelona and the President of the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Barcelona and has vast experience in Merger & Acquisition operations, business restructuring, due diligence and real estate transactions provided to companies in the industry and services sectors.


Vice-Chair of the Management Board: CARBONNIER LAMAZE RASLE & ASSOCIES, represented by Edouard de LAMAZE

Edouard de LAMAZE is a lawyer and the President of CARLARA International, a group of law firms. He is also one of the managing partners of French law firm CARBONNIER LAMAZE RASLE & ASSOCIES, founded in 1986. His fields of specialization are mainly financial and economic law, corporate, banking ,  capital markets and real estate law. He assists his clients in transactions, counseling, pre-litigation, litigation and arbitral proceedings. Edouard is involved in advocacy for the lawyers profession (notably as a former Member of the Bar Council of Paris). As a current member of the European Economic & Social Council, he is contributing to the opinion on the implementation of the Services Directive.

Other Members of the Management Board:

MARCCUS PARTNERS, represented by Fabrice DEMARIGNY

Fabrice DEMARIGNY is a lawyer and president of the French law firm Marccus Partners (due to be renamed Marcan). His main area of expertise is Capital Markets. He is a member of the steering committee of Paris Europlace, president of the French association of Securities Law Lawyers (Association des Avocats en Droit Boursier), vice-president of the European Capital Markets Institute (ECMI).




Carlos LUCENA is a lawyer and partner of the Portuguese law firmTelles de Abreu e Associados. His fields of specialization are primarily finance, mergers and acquisitions, and foreign investments. He is also a member of the general assembly, management board and auditing commitee of several Portuguese companies, a member of the International Lawyers Association (Union Internationale des Avocats) and of the Portuguese Institute of Corporate Governance.


BELMONT LEGAL, represented by Lutz HARTMANN

Lutz HARTMANN is a lawyer, member of the Frankfurt Bar and the Paris Bar.  He is a founding partner of Belmont Legal. He essentially practices corporate and commercial law, M&A, stock corporation law and securities law. In addition to his established emphasis on the food industry and technology companies, he has been very active in the renewable energy and commodities sectors and, increasingly, investments in Africa. Lutz Hartmann is a member of the Board of the German-African Business Association (Afrika-Verein der Deutschen Wirtschaft).


General Secretary of MARCALLIANCE: Dorothée de BERNIS

Dorothée de BERNIS is a lawyer, member of the Paris Bar and solicitor in England and Wales. After starting her career in London at HERBERT SMITH, a prestigious international UK firm, Dorothée is now a partner at the French law firm CARBONNIER LAMAZE RASLE & ASSOCIES. Her fields of practice focus on business law issues and, in particular, banking and corporate law. She assists clients as a counselor and a litigator, before the courts and arbitral tribunals.


MARCALLIANCE brings to its members a framework enabling them to expand the geographic reach of their legal high quality services to clients involved in cross border transactions and /or facing international legal issues.

As one of the world’s best alliances of independent legal and tax firms, there is no better place to enhance your international relationships with new and prospective clients.

At the Alliance, we select highly-rated law firms that share the same service ethos. Join 23 law firms, from 21 countries, that are among the best specialists in their local environment and the best partners for clients evolving in the framework of highly-complex transnational and international transactions.

Stay independent… Boost global research – MARCALLIANCE firms enjoy many benefits. Each firm retains its own branding, independence and financial responsibility, yet through the Alliance, each member is able to:

  • Stay competitive, offering a wider range of legal and tax services,
  • Grow long term client relationships,
  • Secure new global business opportunities and attract new clients.

MARCALLIANCE is continually seeking and being approached by likeminded independent international tax and law firms, that wish to join our growing Alliance. Applications from all over the world are welcome. To discover more, submit an expression of interest using the CONTACT US FORM and we will be in touch soon.