Antitrust Competition & Distribution

This field of practice encompasses, from a commercial standpoint, all legal issues generated by supplier/distributor relationships, by relationships between competitors and by the distributor/consumer relationships. In this respect, MARCALLIANCE includes business-driven and practical-minded lawyers specialized in competition law, merger control, distribution law and consumption law and that are also able to handle ancillary IP, employment and tax law issues or wok with the teams fully dedicated to those branches of law.

MARCALLIANCE’s competition and distribution law teams support clients in their national and international development, the elaboration of their commercial strategy, the implementation of their distribution networks, the outsourcing of sales forces and merchandising. MARCALLIANCE lawyers also assist them when facing restrictive commercial practices and unfair competition. They also provide advice regarding merger control, antitrust compliance, antitrust risk assessment and prevention; and in the framework of investigations and proceedings launched by antitrust enforcers.

The Alliance’s specialists also act as litigators, before national courts, EU and international authorities, as well as in the framework of arbitration and mediation proceedings.

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